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Site Updates / News / Anything interesting?
Update:  18th Feb 2010

This website is no-longer updated
Please click on the link below to view the up to date site.

Update:  4th Oct 2009
New site is now viewable !!!
Although it will take some time to transfer the old content from this site over to the new site, we do hope to get it done as fast as possible.
If you have any questions please feel free to > Contact Us <

The reunion 2009 photos are already viewable on the new site.

> New Website Address <

Update:  23rd September 2009
Things are going to change round here !!!
No we are not having to lay off any staff due to the recession and it is not a change of owners or a management buy out or even a change of driver and yes I will be stopping as well! Although I do wonder why I do stick around ? It really does feel like I am the poor conductor at times!
The BIG change will be how the website works and better still - It will be made really easy for you Ex-WYRCC staff and not forgetting the odd anorak who pops by from time to time to add things to the site yourselves!  Simply by registering as a member when the new site is launched it could open up a whole new world if you always wanted to add your own photos or stories? All you will need is an email address and it will only take two seconds to join a password will even be emailed to you so not to think any of your personal passwords could be compromised and once you log in you could also pick one of your own via your own personal dashboard. Also once registered you will be able to use the members only forum and if you would like to add photos or post your own interesting facts and finds a simple email to us and we can upgrade your membership status ... We really are having a major refit, all the seats will be removed and a cleaner will do a "propa" job. A new paint job will also be added to the old livery and unlike those bus mechanics! I plan to do it as fast as possible without a single service off the road or even a running board going out of the window!!! It will also be FREE to join forever  there really will be no catches of small print... I promise !!!
Did someone say when will it happen?... Well The 2009 Reunion is going to be held on Saturday 3rd of October. The plan is to enjoy that evening and let CG let his hair (or lack of it) down with the odd diet coke! And I plan to get the new site in place for Monday 5th. I will also be telling CG to tell as many people as he can about the new website launch at the reunion or if he does not tell you about it = Ask him! He tells me "things slip out of my mind" and at that point Karen checks if he has put his false teeth in the cat dish again! Old age - It comes to us all ... But more to you older folk I find... Not forgetting CG!!
Thank you for passing by and I hope everyone enjoys this years W.Y.R.C.C. Staff Reunion! Remember CHANGE OF VENUE this year. Details below.

Thank you for reading this! Even those who skipped past bits! You know who you are !!!
Mark Wilson - Webmaster and Son of the Driver - Colin G Wilson!
(By the way: CG has no idea I have put this on the site and truth be told he would have less of an idea how to remove it if he wanted to!.. So do not let him fool you into thinking he is the computer expert round here! He always has had a touch  of visions of grandeur!)
2009 REUNION...
Venue :- Bradford Irish Club (IDL), Rebecca Street, Bradford BD1 2RX.
Date :- Saturday 3rd of October 2009, from 7.30pm.
Unfortunately this year it will be £2 per person, as the Transport Club has closed and we have to pay for the new venue.
Any raffle prizes would be appreciated
As usual, there will be food and Steve Rice will be providing the background music.

Update:  10th September 2009

(at normal fares)



Timetables £5 from Rally Secretary, 13, Every Street,TODMORDEN, OL14 5RA
or from rally control on the day at Skipton Bus Station or Bolton Abbey Rly Station

> Click Here To View Poster <
Adobe PDF File - 248kb

Update:  2nd September 2009
David Rhodes Collection - WYRCC Scan Collection.
David Rhodes Collection - WYRCC  Scan Collection.
25 Images added to the Galleries

Update:  30th August 2009
2009 REUNION...
Venue :- Bradford Irish Club (IDL), Rebecca Street, Bradford BD1 2RX.
Date :- Saturday 3rd of October 2009, from 7.30pm.
Unfortunately this year it will be £2 per person, as the Transport Club has closed and we have to pay for the new venue.
Any raffle prizes would be appreciated
As usual, there will be food and Steve Rice will be providing the background music.

Grahame Richardson - WYRCC 1977 Scan Collection.
Grahame Richardson - WYRCC 1977 Scan Collection.
36 Images added to the Galleries

Update:  21st August 2009
The longest serving driver at Harrogate depot!
The longest serving driver at Harrogate depot, Stuart Wroe, is retiring at the end of the month. Stuart started with West Yorkshire in September 1968 at Harrogate. He joined the coaching unit in the 1970s. After closure of the Coaching Unit in the 1980s he stood his ground for two years, unable to drive in service as he had been employed as a Crew Driver before he went coaching! A deal was struck which saw Stuart and a number of coaching drivers transfer to Wetherby depot.
The story of Stuart being spare for two years and unable to turn a wheel is now infamous at Harrogate.
On closure of Wetherby in 1990/1 Stuart returned to Harrogate where he has been based ever since.
Stuart met his wife Dot while she was a conductress for West Yorkshire, unfortunately Dot has been in poor health for several years and Stuart has worked part time for about five years.
Later in the year the Trade Union at Harrogate will be organising a retirement party for Stuart and several other drivers who have retired this year. In the meantime, all friends and colleagues are invited to join Stuart for farewell drinks on Saturday 5th September from 7.30pm in Wetherspoons on Parliament Street in Harrogate.

Update:  4th August 2009
12th of August 1989

So this is what 20 years feel like! Almost 20 years since I and many other road staff could utter the immortal words…”I work for the West Yorkshire Road Car Co Ltd”

This may sound strange, but I for one, am glad it ended when it did! I would have hated to think that a once proud company would have finished up just being a business, like all bus companies appear to be these days. The West Yorkshire ran a bus service, tailored to the passengers and, on the whole, was very decent to its staff.

Cracks in the West Yorkshire began to show long before privatisation, passengers became secondary, vehicles were being neglected and routes being messed about with because it made “business” sense.

12th of August 1989 was a very sad day, but better that, than diminishing that lovely red & cream livery to that of “First Bus” or “Stagecoach”!

This year’s REUNION, on the 3rd of October will, with any luck, be another full house, as it was last year. Due to the closure of the Transport Club, this year we have had to change the venue to the Bradford Irish Club (IDL) Rebecca Street Bradford DB1 2RX (Behind the Beehive on Westgate)

I’m sad to say that absent friends this year include Peter Silson, Hughie Talbot and Ken Sutcliffe (Captain Birdseye)

I will post details of the REUNION closer to the time.

Update:  28th June 2009
4 Images added to the Staff Gallery

Update:  27th May 2009
It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of KEN (Birdseye) SUTCLIFFE.
Ken died at home, on Wednesday the 27th of May at 4:10am.

The funeral arrangements for Ken Sutcliffe's are :-
Scholemoor Cemetery, Friday the 5th of June...10:50am.
Everyone is welcome to the Fairweather Green W.M.C, Thornton Old Road BD8 0HT after the service.
The late Ken Sutcliffe (Captain Birdseye)

I feel that letting this moment pass without saying a little something, would be doing Ken’s memory an injustice.

As bus drivers go, Ken was, without doubt, unique! There wasn’t a timetable on the West Yorkshire R.C.C, that Ken couldn't make totally redundant, be that stage carriage or National Express! Ken had his own agenda when it came to getting from A to B safely. All who work with him will understand what I mean. Some driver’s got very frustrated the way Ken would never be rushed, but they knew it was pointless saying anything….if a bus was running late, inevitably you’d hear the detailer say “It must be Birdeye!”

In all the years I knew Ken, I never saw him get annoyed, never grumble or make any derogatory comment about any of the people he worked with. He just came to work, did the job HIS way and went home.

Ken was a character, maybe as Paul (Gunner ) Rhodes said, even a legend!

I’d also like to take this opportunity on behalf of Ken’s widow, Sylvia, to thank Leo & Debbie Shackleton for the help and friendship they showed to Ken & Sylvia in this time of great need and sadness.

Update:  30th April 2009
Once again it is with deep regret that we have to report the death of a former WYRCC employee.
HUGHIE TALBOT. Hughie worked on the WYRCC at Bradford depot in the 60's. He then moved to the Bradford City Transport (Later METRO)
Funeral arrangements;- 10.50am, on Tuesday 5th May at Nab Wood Cemetery.

Update:  30th March 2009
Funeral arrangements for Peter Silson
Thursday 2nd of April at Nab Wood Cemetery.
Everyone is welcome to the IDL Club, Rebecca Street Bradford. BD1 2RX after the service.
Service starts at 2:40 pm

Update:  26th March 2009
It is with deep regret that we have to report the death of PETER SILSON. Peter was a driver at Bradford depot for many years. Our thought are with his wife, Wendy.

Funeral yet to be arranged.

Update:  16th March 2009
1 Images added to the Staff Gallery

Update:  18th Jan 2009
3 Images added to the Old Black & White - W.Y.R.C.C. Buses gallery
1 Image added to the WYRCC Buildings Gallery

Update:  30th Nov 2008
4 Images added to the Staff Gallery

Sefton Chambers

Reg Chambers

Steve Morris & John Piplica

Reg & Audry Chambers

Update:  18th Nov 2008
2 Images added to the Staff Gallery

Les Jackson & wife Ann

Les Jackson in service in Llandudno

2 Images added to the Bus Gallery



Update:  14th Oct 2008
Sad News from Harrogate

The death of John Berry, ex-WYRCC Garage Foreman from Grove Park Depot.

The funeral for John Berry takes place on Friday 17th October at 12.20 at Stonefall Cemetery in Harrogate. All welcome.

John started with WYRCC in the 1940s, with a break for national service, he retired early in 1985. He started as a fitter at Grove Park, finishing as Garage Foreman. He took early retirement as part of the "restructuring" that took place in 1985.

I'd like to thank Daniel Maguire for this information.

Update:  9th Oct 2008
Reunion Photos 2008
Taken By: Dave "Flash" Farrell & Stuart Middleton

Update:  8th Oct 2008
5 Images added to the Staff Gallery galleries.
Update:  4th Oct 2008
The W.Y.R.C.C 2008 Reunion

For the first time in a number of years, I was confident that there would be a good turn out for this years reunion. My wife, Karen, had worked tirelessly this year with phone calls, e-mails & posted invitations to make this a good one! I was not disappointed! Over 130 ex West Yorkshire staff made it standing room only by 9.30! There were a few "friends" from "First Bradford" made the effort to show their faces.
The engineering side of the company were out in force, as were the coaching drivers & hostesses. One of the hostesses, Paula (2) Duggan (Daglan), was kind enough to bring along a number of photos which I will publish on the web-site. Thanks Paula.
Another ex-conductress/office reunion regular, Maureem Mitchell, also brought a few photos which, again, I will publish on the site. Thanks Maureen.
There were a couple of new, "old" faces this year, Jimmy Baldwin with his wife and Phil Quantrill. There were also a few Keighley & District staff made an appearance, along with the ex-Keighley-West Yorkshire lads that have shown up for a number of years. Also from the Keighley area, John Piplica and his wife Dora. John was a very popular Inspector at Bradford depot and it is always a pleasure to see them both.
There is a good chance that next year we will have to find a new venue for the reunion, as the Transport Club is being sold by the owners of the building, Pase Management. Karen & I would welcome any suggestions for a new venue, baring in mind accessibility from all part of the district.
So, thank you everyone who came along to make this a great night. Also many thanks to Garry Bushby for providing the background music and working his socks off with the raffle!! Thank Garry & Tracy.
All being well.........see you next year......
Colin & Karen Wilson.

Update:  26th Sept 2008
One of the last tickets issued by West Yorkshire bus service from the Bradford Interchange on the 12th of August 1989 add: Memorabilia Gallery
A little piece of history!!
One of the tickets issued on the final West Yorkshire bus service from the Bradford Interchange on the 12th of August 1989. The reverse is signed by the Inspector on the night, John Piplica.

Free Bus Time Tables For the 80 years of West Yorkshire Road Car Rally - Bolton Abbey.
Bradford Connecting Services Leeds Connecting Services
> PDF Format < - > Word Document Format < > PDF Format < - > Word Document Format <

Update:  17th Sept 2008
80 years of West Yorkshire Road Car Rally - Bolton Abbey.

Bolton Abbey Railway Station on 12th October.

Free conecting buses will be run from Leeds by Otley,Ilkley and Bramhope,Guiseley and from Bradford by Shipley, Ilkley and Bingley, Keighley

Update:  22nd August 2008

W.Y.R.C.C Staff Reunion 2008
Friday 3rd October 2008

W.Y.R.C.C Staff Reunion 2008
Friday 3rd October 2008

Transport Club (First bus) from 7.30pm
Food + Music - £1 per person on door - Raffle Prize Welcome
Contact Details: Colin & Karen Wilson
24 Lambeth Residential Park, Lambeth Road, Balby, Doncaster. DN4 8HX.
Tel: 01302 854 304 - Email:

Update:  15th June 2008
Harrogate Depot Items Gallery added to the Galleries
One of the things that has dismayed my son and I, over the time the web-site has been out on the Internet, has been the lack of interest from other depots.
Well, at last that may be changing! We recently received an e-mail from Daniel Maguire, a driver and TGWU Branch Chairman of Harrogate & District, informing us of the retirement of a very senior member of staff and ex-West Yorkshire R.C.C Driver, Mr Frank Butters.
After further communication with Daniel, he has now sent a number of other photographs of staff that worked for the West Yorkshire, some of whom now work for Harrogate & District. So we decided to open a new gallery dedicated to WYRCC, Harrogate.
Thank you Daniel, I look forward to future developments!
The West Yorkshire R.C.C. covered large areas of North & West Yorkshire, with depots dotted over large parts of the County. The likes of Bradford, Leeds, York, Otley, Ilkley, Keighley, Skipton, Grassington, Wetherby & Malton. There must be hundreds of photographs of staff from those depots, along with memorabilia, that we would welcome on this web-site.
If you could either e-mail or post any item (We promises to return any items after scanning), with any relevant information, we would be more than pleased to publish them on the web-site & credit the sender.

Thanks for supporting our web-site....
Colin & Mark Wilson....

Harrogate Depot Items
5 image(s)
View Gallery

Update:  12th June 2008
David Blackwood - The longest serving employee at Harrogate. Photo added to: Staff Gallery
This black and white photograph was taken around 1962 and shows David Blackwood at Central Works. David is the longest serving employee at Harrogate, having started in 1962 as an apprentice at Central Works. He is still with us as a Day Fitter at Starbeck garage.

Update:  3rd June 2008
2p, 3p & 5p Concessionary Transport Tokens. Added to the Memorabilia Gallery

Transport Tokens

Update:  27th May 2008
West Yorkshire dinner dance, 1950 photo added to: Staff Gallery

West Yorkshire dinner dance, 1950

Update:  13th May 2008
Route Learner Sheet & Certificate For Safe Conducting added to the Memorabilia galleries.
Certificate Safe Conducting
Route Learning Sheet

Update:  11th May 2008
2 Old Images added to the galleries.

15MPH Damage with a bus!

Rosie Lee and Karen Wilson

Update:  6th May 2008
6 Old Images added to the Old Black & White - W.Y.R.C.C. Buses gallery. Image supplied by: Daniel Maguire

1411 NBC National On Headrow

839 NBC National On 36 at Harrogate Bus Station

1821 Olympian WY On 36

NBC national 1510 - High Bridge

Iveco 562 Carmires At Bus Station

71651 NBC national 36

Update: 1st May 2008
Welcome to the updated West Yorkshire Reunion web-site.

As regular visitors will know, there has been very little happening on the web-site for quite some time. The reason for this is we have had one or two technical problems and, due to more important projects, this site had to go on the back-burner for a while.
Despite this, the hits on the site have been very good, so thank you to all who continued to support the site.

The whole site has been re-designed slightly, but we have still kept the initial look of the site much the same and although some of the old content is as the moment not available, we are hoping to re-add it over the next few weeks. The big difference is in the galleries. These are now much easier to navigate and comments now can be made regarding any content in any of the galleries, so please feel fee to make use this facility.

If anyone has any interesting photographs with regards to the West Yorkshire Road Car Co, especially of ex-staff, I would willingly add them to the relevant gallery.

Once again, thank you for your continuing support.


Reunion 2008

Staff Gallery

Bus Gallery



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